Water Heater Repair and Installation

Having water heater problems?  You probably never think about your water heater until it fails, seemingly at the worst possible time.  Fortunately, they can usually be repaired fairly quickly.  And regular maintenance does indeed extend their lifetime.  Call us and you’ll see why we’re the area’s leader in water heater repair and water heater installation.

Water Heater Repair

Is your electric hot water heater or natural gas water heater leaking?  Are you suddenly with little or no hot water?  Have you noticed strange sounds?  Our experts can quickly diagnose your heater problems and go straight to repairs and leak detection to save time and money.  If the tank isn’t leaking the odds are they can repair it on their first visit.

The most common problem for electric water heaters is a build up of scale and sediment or a burned out electric-resistance heating element.  For propane and natural gas models, the most common cause of water heater repairs is a failed thermocouple or gas control unit.  Regardless of type, a water heater’s “sacrificial anode” rod protects against rust.  That rod gradually gets used up, and hard-water scale reduces its effectiveness.  If either has happened, you’ll soon have rusty-colored water or un-repairable tank corrosion.  But if there’s a leak it’s not necessarily from the tank.  Leaking flex-connections and pressure-release valves are more common. Our annual check-ups (recommended by leading manufacturers) drain and flush out sediment, check the anode rod, and inspect for burner and flue safety.  Unlike many local plumbing companies, we employ master plumbers qualified for gas line repairs and upgrades so there’s pretty much no problem that we can’t tackle.


Water Heater Installation

Today’s gas and electric hot water heaters typically last 8 to 12 years.  Their warranty is actually a pretty good estimate.  But poor maintenance, especially with untreated hard water, can greatly reduce that.  So when is a replacement better than a repair?  Here are our key suggestions.

  • The unit is approaching or beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • You’ve had previous repairs in the last few years.
  • Repairs would cost more than a fourth that of water heater installations.
  • Your usage has grown so you need more capacity.

Why Choose Morrow Plumbing?

We’re experts in water heater installation & repair.  Some companies boast about their well-stocked trucks.  We have our own warehouse and stock over 10,000 items.  That means faster water heater repairs and often same-day water heater installation.

Licensed, insured, and bonded we’ve been in business at the same location with the same owner for over 40 years.  We never charge overtime fees and you’ll receive fair pricing right up front.  Our water heater specialists are experienced and courteous pros.  As necessary we’ll properly pull permits to protect you and your family or employees.