Professional Drain Services

Have a backed-up sink or toilet?  A plunger or liquid drain cleaner wasn’t enough?  Don’t waste any more time.  Our residential plumbing service and commercial drain service specialists will be there promptly for drain cleaning services done right.

Our Drain Cleaning Service

Drain and sewer clogs are by far the most common plumbing problem.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a sink, shower, tub, or toilet — a slow-running or backed-up drain can throw you off-schedule and ruin your whole day.  That’s why our emergency plumbing drain cleaning service lives up to its promise of a prompt arrival and a fast economical solution to your drain problems.

Each clogged drain is a bit different, but a few general rules almost always hold true.

  • Bathroom drain obstructions are usually a combination of hair and soap scum.
  • Kitchen sink backups are usually the result of a gradual build-up of grease in the drain line.  That starts as slow-drainage that gradually worsens, and a bit of food debris can suddenly cause a complete blockage.
  • Laundry room clogs are typically caused by a build-up of lint and fabric softener.

Our drain experts use cabling (snaking) to promptly clear just about every clogged drain.

Sewer Line Cleaning

All drains eventually join up to the main sewer line that runs out to city services on the street.  (Technically, its called a lateral and the city line is the main sewer.  But regardless of the name, the building owner is responsible for maintaining it.)  Obstructions in your main sewer line can affect any or all drains and toilets in the building.

Common blockages include foreign objects getting flushed, grease and grime build up, tree roots, and collapsed sewer lines.  Our sewer cleaning experts often start with a video camera line inspection to know exactly what they’re up against.  They can then use cabling, augering, or hydro jetting to clear the problem.  It’s actually pretty rare for a sewer line repair to be necessary.

Commercial Drain Services

We know what’s important to your business, so our commercial drain service is fast and gets the drain problem solved properly the very first visit.

And of course, our technicians understand the special characteristics of high-usage public fixtures, FOG (fats, oils, and grease) associated with any food handling, and floor drain cleaning.

Choose Morrow Plumbing

We’ve been in business since 1976 under the same owner, at the same location.  Those 40-plus years say a lot.  Morrow is A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.  And of course, our company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

We’re proud of our prompt emergency sewer and drain cleaning services as well as of our scheduled and preventive plumbing services.  When you call we’ll dispatch a drain and sewer line technician with all the right training, experience, and equipment to complete the job properly and economically.  Unlike many others, our plumbing and rooter experts are courteous professionals.

You’ll get fair upfront pricing before we start work, and there’s never any overtime charge.  So call us to quickly get back to your daily routine.